IUSF protest: Seven undergrads arrested

Seven undergraduates including four monks were arrested today on charges of violating court orders and taking part in a protest carried out by the Inter-University Student Federation (IUSF) in Kollupitiya yesterday.

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28% of Sri Lanka’s port city completed


28% of the land reclamation work of Sri Lanka’s flagship Port city development project has been completed. For the Port City project, an area of 269 hectares is ear-marked to be reclaimed from the sea, and a brand new city is to be constructed. Plans are in the pipeline to …read more

EU conditions for GSP+ under criticism

Minister of Justice,Wijeyadasa Rajapaksa said that the EU has imposed condition when granting the GSP+ concession and they have several condition that have been agreed upon while some which have not been agreed upon “We were also asked to legalise homosexuality in the country. The Europeans asked us to include …read more

ICJ calls for immediate implementation of Consultation Task Force recommendations


The International Commission of Jurists or ICJ says that the Sri Lankan government must deliver on the clear demand for justice from Sri Lankans nationwide by implementing the Consultation Task Force recommendations without further delay. Nikhil Narayan, the ICJ’s South Asia senior legal adviser says the CTF report highlights a …read more

Thousands burdened by prevailing drought


Hundreds of thousands have been severely affected by the drought weather with the number of affected exceeding 700,000 persons. The National Water Supply and Drainage Board has warned the general public to refrain from using the water from the Kalu Ganga for drinking water purposes citing that sea water had …read more

Kilo-gram of imported rice cannot be sold above Rs.76: President Sirisena


President Maithripala Sirisena says that a kilogram of imported rice cannot be sold for more than 76 rupees in the local market. “We are aware of the annual requirement of rice, dhal , sugar, salt and dried chili. We cannot have a shortage of food in the country.”he said The …read more